**CORONAVIRUS NOTICE** Unfortunately due to the current situation with COVID-19 HorseID self drive hire services will not be operating until further notice. We apologise for any conveniences this may bring to our clients. Please visit this page to get further updates, however we anticipate the earliest things may change will be when all restrictions are lifted and the equestrian industry is back to before the pandemic. Thank you for your understanding.


Why do you have to pay a damage excess deposit?

Vehicle hire companies will need to hang on to a deposit while you have their vehicle. We do this to make sure we don’t lose money if there are any problems during your rental. For example, if you return the car late, damaged or very dirty, we will hold on to some or all of your deposit.

How do I pay the damage excess deposit?

You need to choose the damage excess deposit relevant to your age on our Products page. You need to make this transaction no sooner than 7 days from when we would expect to receive the vehicle back from hire. The transaction should be made separately to when you book the vehicle otherwise an admin charge will be levied for clearing funds and/or reimbursing funds (assuming no deductions need to be made).

At HorseID we 'ring fence' the deposit on the main driver’s credit card.  ‘'Ring fencing' the deposit means that while the money isn’t taken from the card (so it won’t appear on your bill), you won’t be able to spend it until it’s unblocked. So it does count towards your spending limit. If in the unfortunate situation we need to take some or all of your deposit HorseID will process the transaction and the funds will be made available to HorseID. Further information on the charges you may incur are detailed in our terms and conditions.

I want to pay with cash only, can I?

Sadly not, the insurance requirements are that a card payment needs to be used.

Do you offer horsebox and driver services?

Sadly not, we currently only offer self drive hire. If the demand is there we may offer this service in the future.

I do not meet all your hire criteria, does this mean I cannot hire a horsebox from you?

Not necessarily. Not meeting any of the criteria may just mean we need to make further checks and seek additional case by case approvals from our insurers. Not meeting a lot of the criteria requirements will most likely result in not being able to hire our vehicles.

We need to leave really early to get to our destination on time. Can I pick up the vehicle the night before?

If the vehicle has not been hired the day before or is back sufficiently early enough for us to disinfect and clean it then it may be possible to allow you to have the vehicle the night before. Prior agreement needs to be sought, the only way to guarantee having the vehicle early is to book it for the day before.

We are going to be back very late in the evening on my hire day. Can I drop off the vehicle the following morning?

If the vehicle has not been hired the following day and is back sufficiently early enough for us to disinfect and clean it before it goes out again on hire, then it may be possible to allow you to return the vehicle the next morning. Prior agreement needs to be sought, the only way to guarantee bringing the vehicle back the next day is to book it for the day after

Can I leave my car parked at the pick / up and drop off location whilst I have the horsebox on hire?

Yes, we have a large area of hard standing suitable for multiple cars, although parking on our property is parked at your own risk.

Why wont it let me check out without accepting your Terms and Conditions?

To hire from HorseID you must read and agree to our terms and conditions. This is a requirement from our insurance company. You will also have to physically sign our rental agreement which has these terms in it on the day you collect the horsebox.

I live at home with my parents or have just moved and I do not have any proof of address documents relating to the property in my name?

If you are unable to provide utility bills, council tax or landline bills in your name we may be able to accept bank statements, mobile phone bills or credit card statements as long as they too are under three months old and are showing the address you live at. Two different proof or addresses are needed, most people can produce a mobile phone bill and bank account statement. Without these two forms of proof of address we will not be able to hire any vehicles to you.

How do I get a driving licence check code?

Visit https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence. The 'check code' will be valid for 21 days and must be valid on the day of hire. You will need your driving licence number, your National Insurance Number and the postcode on your driving licence.

How long will you keep copies of my documents for?

We are required to keep records of identity check documents and your hire forms for 12 months. This in the event the authorities may need to trace you the hirer and/or our insurance underwriters want to perform an audit on our firm.

If I hire a vehicle from you within 12 months of my last hire do I have to fill out all the paperwork again?

Subsequent hires with in 12 months will require you to agree to our terms and Conditions, pay the hire fee and make the damage excess deposit, provide a valid driving licence check code and fill in our repeat hire document. Providing proof of address, a copy of your driving licence and completing the Self Drive Hire Hirer's document will not need to be done (if within 12 months).

Do I have to use bedding in the horsebox area?

You do not have to use bedding in the horse box area. Any bedding used must be thoroughly cleaned out before its return and no traces of it. Our boxes are designed that liquid can drain through the drainage holes. If we were to advise which bedding to use we would recommend a small amount of wood pellets, saw dust or shredded paper. We do not recommend straw.

If we have an accident what should we do?

All instructions and who to call are provided in the cab folder. Please follow these and do not admit fault even if you are at fault. The vehicle, you and your horses will be looked after as required. You will be required to fill in an accident report form.

If I have an accident in the horsebox will my horses be repatriated?

Yes, the company we use for mechanical breakdown recovery also provide support in the event of an accident. These are considered  'pay per use' occasion / charges. The hirer will  remain responsible for all charges resulting from the provision of such assistance i.e. Horse recovery, Veterinary Support, Slaughter / Carcass removal. If a mechanical breakdown then HorseID have repatriation of you and your horses covered under its breakdown policy at no cost to you.

If the horsebox breaks down should we do?

All instructions are provided on what to do in the cab folder, please read them as the procedures differ slightly if you break down on a motorway. If a mechanical breakdown then HorseID have repatriation of you and your horses covered under its breakdown policy at no cost to you.

What is the payload of the vehicle?

Depending on how full the fuel tank is it varies between 940-1080kg.

Are my horses covered by the rental insurance for the horsebox / rental period?

No, It is the owners responsibility to have horse insurance for their animals, if they do not hold horse insurance for the animals travelling then as a responsible horse owner you will be responsible for any veterinary costs.

When I have tried booking multiple products of the same type e.g. 3 x different weekend hires the cart is telling me it already has the product in the cart when I am trying to select the second weekend?

The calendar app element works by updating the availability after an order has been completed. Because of this the application has a code added to prevent customers from adding the same item to the cart more than once in a single transaction. The best and only way is to place separate orders for multiple dates. The advantage of booking them separately is if you wish to cancel one of the dates, refunding is easier, quicker, and will not mean you have to rebook the other dates on that order, risking someone else booking them instead. 

Why can't I make a deposit to reserve a date, why do I have to book and pay in full?

We have considered taking deposits and then full payment upon collection however we wish to have a streamlined process as possible for both parties therefore feel if customers want certainty the horse box has been secured for their dates then full payment should be made at the time of booking. We are carrying this through into our paperwork and have created a process where only two documents need to be completed (driver profile questionnaire or repeat hire slip and the actual hire agreement (which has the terms, hire details, driver details, condition reports and hire extras all captured- which otherwise would be up to four different documents)

Can I book over the phone?

No you need to book online as payment is taken via the website. Our personal experience of trying to hire a horseboxes highlighted to us that clients really would like to know when it is available and if it is book it quickly at their convenience even if it is 11pm at night, calling a phone number doesn't always get you those certainties as the phone may not be answered, your message may not be listened to for a while or even your phone call returned. Playing telephone tag is no fun for anyone. With our online booking you can see when the horse box is free and secure it for your chosen dates without having to speak to someone. If you want to speak to someone to ask questions around other than availability of dates you can call HorseID on 07966 861662 between 7am and 7pm, if unavailable you may voicemail. Outside of these hours your call will voicemail.

I am trying to book a weekend hire and it wont let me select any weekend?

Please check you are in the right product. You need to select the product relevant to what you wish to book e.g. weekend 2 day hire will only let you book a Saturday date (which includes the Sunday). If you are in the right product for the period you want to book and it is greyed out / will not let you select it then this means it is already booked out by another customer. 

I am trying to book a date and it wont let me select that date, it stays blank on the date box?

If you are in the right product for the period you want to book and it is greyed out / will not let you select it then this means it is already booked out by another customer. You can email contactus@horseid.co.uk where we can check if there is already a booking made or if a possible technical issue.

I wish to book your horsebox to take my horse to the vets, I need it from 10am to 2pm - you website doesn't offer these times how can I book?

Unfortunately you will be required to book a full weekday's hire. 

What biosecurity measures do you have?

Virkon S disinfection is used to wash down the horsebox after each and every hire along with a powerful jet washing routine. Virkon performs against over 500 strains of viruses, bacteria and fingi including Foot & Mouth disease, Avian Flu, Salmonella and Campylobacter. Virkon is used worldwide by governments for Emergency Disease Control so you have full peace of mind that using our boxes should not expose your to any contagious nasties.