**CORONAVIRUS NOTICE** Unfortunately due to the current situation with COVID-19 HorseID self drive hire services will not be operating until further notice. We apologise for any conveniences this may bring to our clients. Please visit this page to get further updates, however we anticipate the earliest things may change will be when all restrictions are lifted and the equestrian industry is back to before the pandemic. Thank you for your understanding.

Hirer's Checklist

To hire a vehicle you will need to meet some minimum requirements for our insurance to cover you during the rental period.

You must be aged between 22 and 75 years and hold a FULL UK drivers licence. You must have held your driving licence for at least two years. 

You will need to provide a DVLA electronic check code. You can request one using this link.   https://www.viewdrivingrecord.service.gov.uk/driving-record/licence-number - you will need to know your National Insurance number and your Driving Licence Number 

You do not hold more than two motoring convictions in the last 5 years

You have not had more than one your fault accident or more than two non-fault accidents in the last two years (if you have had more than the above then additional checks and approvals will need to be sought from our insurers in advance of your booking)

You do not have more than six points on your licence (if you do have more than six additional checks and approvals will need to be sought from our insurers)

You are not a student under the age of 25. You are not a professional sportsperson, entertainer, work for the Press, work in the gambling industry or a foreign armed services personnel who has not held a UK/EU licence for two years (if you are any of the above, additional checks and approvals will need to be sought from our insurers in advance of booking.

If you have a medical condition that is declarable to the DVLA, you must have declared it to the DVLA and the DVLA must have issued you with a licence of letter of authorisation to drive. 

You must not have had insurance refused or declined, had special terms applied to your insurance as a result of claims, or had any non-motoring convictions.

You must provide two valid (within the last 3 months original copies) proof of address documents (e.g. utility bill, council tax, bank statement)

Provide photo ID (e.g. passport) or allow a photo to be taken as record of identity before hire commencement.


What HorseID need from to have from you before you can hire our Horsebox:

DVLA electronic check code.
To see/make copies of your Driving Licence Photo ID Card
To see/make copies of your Proof of Address documents. 
Completed HorseID New Hirer's Questionaire 2018
Agree/sign our Terms & Conditions of Hire
Received full payment for hire charges
Provided a damage excess deposit £700.00 (if driver aged 22-24yrs)/ £500.00 (if driver aged 25-75yrs)